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Perfect Pork Jerky Snacks

All of our pork jerky snacks are made with a unique open-flame grilling method that allows the natural pork flavors to shine through - creating the ultimate high protein pork snack. 

Our traditional slices of pork jerky snack bites are a satisfying snack for everyone. Grilled to perfection our pork bites come in a resealable package so the flavors stay fresh and with a quick microwave you can soften these baby’s up into the perfect mouth watering treat. These soft bites come in honey sriracha and honey teriyaki flavors to satisfy your sweet and spicy needs.

And the pork protein snack bars pack that necessary punch to keep you energized as you push through to reach your goals. With two great umami flavors, and a saucy texture these high protein snacks are sure to stack the odds in your favor.

The seasoned pork jerky snacks are the perfect tender, succulent on the go snack. With all-natural exoctic flavors including parmesan and mango habanero these rich, juicy snacks are your perfect hiking companion. 

And have you tried our other meat snack flavors? Indulge your taste buds and give them that flame grilled flavor they love by trying our beef jerky snacks and chicken jerky snacks.

Pork Jerky Snacks

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