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Healthy Protein Packed Meat Snacks

Discover our extensive selection of tasty meat snacks! Our products are the ultimate healthy snack option. Using honey as a healthy alternative to sugar and not adding nitrates and artificial preservatives we’ve created a plethora of healthy high protein snack options. 

But healthy doesn’t have to mean flavorless! Our jerky is grilled over an open flame to attain that smoky, charred meat flavor that you’d expect. Whether you’re looking for beef jerky, pork jerky, chicken jerky, or all three, we’ve got your cravings covered. There is no better high protein snack than our all natural jerky. 

We have four main product lines which includes bars, bites, boxes and seasoned. The bars are packaged in sauce and are perfect after a quick microwave to get the juices flowing! Bite sized meat snacks with a light glazing of flavored sauce they are an excellent meaty snack. Our bites are similar to our boxed pieces, but they’re slightly smaller making them the perfect shot of high-protein goodness. And our seasoned jerky are more like the traditional dry jerky, but with more exotic flavors. 

Explore the options below and satiate your appetite with our premium meat snacks.

Meat Snack Flavors

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